Box Erector and Sealer Equipment

Managed Packaging offers a wide variety of Box Taping and Box Erecting systems. From the introductory carton taping unit to fully automatic “hands free” systems used for in line operations.

Carton Formers / Pack Stations for operator assistance and Case Erectors for fully automation box forming are also available to add the right amount of automation your product packaging lines.


Get Precision 

Loveshaw is a leader in providing precise, reliable and cost efficient case forming. The Little David Case Former and packaging station can be easily integrated into any production line. Little David Carton Erectors can be justified on volumes as low as 500 cases per day.

We have provided Box Erectors and Sealers for partners in the following industries:

Food Portion Packaging
Manufacturing Thermo Formed Plastic Packaging
and more

Send us a sample of your box and we will furnish you the best solution the industry has to offer. We will match your cases with the proper taping materials to assure the very best protection for your products.