Managed Packaging’s Thermal Envelopes are environmentally preferred, foam-free, temperature controlled mailers which consist of a tough, waterproof outer film covering a thick layer of exclusive, enhanced cotton insulation. This natural super-insulating material is tested and found to be completely biodegradable in less than one year as verified by ASTM D-6400 and in accordance with the 2013 FTC Green Guidelines.

The proprietary protective film is wrapped around a thick flexible insulation pad made from recycled, purified, and flocked enhanced cotton textiles. These biodegradable cotton fibers offer outstanding insulation value and also help to absorb unwanted condensation from thawing gel packs or accidental spills as the liquid can migrate through the perforated inner poly liner of the envelope. A special antimicrobial is added to the fibers that will aid in the prevention of cross-contamination and offer additional protection in cases of multiple uses.  Managed Packaging’s Thermal Envelopes are available in three sizes and three thicknesses, or they can be custom sized and printed to meet your exact needs.

  • Ultra-insulating – thick soft cushioning textile fibers are encapsulated between layers of protective poly film.
  • Double Self Sealing Tape Closure  – inner payload chamber and outer final protective flap
  • Patented Cotton Enhanced Insulation is biodegradable and meets the ASTM D-6400 test for biodegradability and current FTC Green Guidelines
  • Perforated inner liner offers protection from accidental spills or unwanted gel pack condensation by allowing liquids to pass through to the absorbing fibers of the insulated padding
  • EPA approved antimicrobial additive provides extra cross-contamination protection and offers additional opportunities for multiple uses if so desired.
  • Sustainability – environmentally preferable biodegradable insulating fibers, contains no foam products or other harmful contaminants
  • Reduced Freight Costs – unique gusseted flat envelope design allows for increased content space while utilizing a smaller dimensional weight (DIM weight) compared to cubical box shipments.

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Sizes Available
Small: Top Load 9″x11″ /  EZ Load 11”x9”
Medium: Top Load 12″x14″ /  EZ Load 14”x12”
Large: Top Load 14″x18″  /  EZ Load 18”x14”
Custom: Custom Build to any size