Everybody needs stretch film and almost everyone sells it.  Managed Packaging Systems is a full service packaging house and specializes in flexible materials, including stretch film.

Managed Packaging offers a wide variety of stretch film choices. From narrow and standard width hand wrap options to mainstream sizes to fit any automated equipment.  We are experts in both the equipment and materials side of the business. We can help you find the right film or provide you the right option for upgrading your current pallet wrapping equipment

Stretch film has evolved greatly over the past few years and it can be a confusing commodity to understand.  New materials are able to contain your pallets loads at a greatly reduced gauge and we now look at opportunities based on cost per wrapped pallet, not cost per pound or cost per roll.

We can test the strength of your containment at your facility and show you the true cost per load. We will recommend the right film for your application and show you options.  If you have not evaluated your current stretch film requirements recently, please give us the opportunity to show you how we can provide your product with a consistent, reliable and repeatable pallet containment.   By using proven quantifiable testing methods, you can be assured that you are getting the best possible wrap strength at the best possible value.